Pick your order in less than 30 seconds and earn rewards everytime!

For the first time in Egypt, Ordera is focusing on enhancing the takeaway experience by cutting queues and waiting time!
Not just that, you will be rewarded for your loyalty to your daily coffee venue!

Amazing Features

Pickup from store

Pick your order from the store in less than 30 seconds!

Pickup from car

Have the order delivered to your car.

Redeem Rewards

Collect points with every order and redeem rewards.

Free Gifts

Free Gifts all the time!

Free Credit

Invite your friends and get free credit!

Pay with Credit

Pay with Credit Card or charge your Ordera wallet.

How it works

Top Clients

Venue? Join us now!

Increase your sales

Don’t lose customers because of queues and traffic! Make it easier for them to pick their orders fast and increase your sales!

Know your customers

Know your customers taste and feedback, get accurate rating on each order and receive their complaints right into your inbox!

Maintain your loyal ones

With our built-in loyalty program, your regular customer can finally feel appreciated for his loyalty and you will finally run an automated loyalty program with zero hassle


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